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Another Amiga AMOS Pro DEMO project.

Requirements: Amiga 68K with 2mb Ram.
Amiga and Windows Player and Converter (AMOS+PureBasic Source from SVG to Dat). Original video converted to BMP  then to  .SVG image sequence with the help of Potrace. The challenge was to fit 880K disk... and AMOS :)
ADF version is Silent but will play music if there is BadApple.mod or BadApple.iff (11khz sample) near the executable... I put one in the converter :)
I recommend the Windows converter ...it is FAST! ...then You can play the result in AMIGA.
The Amiga Player in  present Converter.RAR can play files in any size, no need for Ram expansion because it plays the anim from HDD .
...and there is an another 2bitplane player experiment made in Unity,... try it :)

Version - 2020.11.28.

BadApple HQ
-Tried to add some shading.  Extreme Slow but still small in size.

Version - 2021.04.24.

-Tried to use more shade and synch and the audio
-It is too many lines/frame so not much joy in real HW, but it is one try.

Version - 2022.03.06.
-Now with music,  thanks to J.M.D (with his consent)

Version - 2022.03.14.
-3D Vectorized in 32 Color. Player source is included. It is fun to exist but slow ( UAE can play properly).  Optimized code coud help but I am not capable do do it in ASM.

Version - 2022.04.28.
-Windows version made with PureBasic. I use the same Music and .Dat file on amiga. Even use the same technik as on Amiga (Blitter lines+Fill)

Version - 2022.05.15.
-improved quality

Version - 2022.06.05.
-I found a nicer solution to reduce the number of lines so the result shakes less.
-Using an FFS disk, I have 45Kb more data space.
-Additional 40 kb more space by compressing music.
-By monitoring the change of consecutive frames, I only store data if it is necessary. With that, I gained about 50-100 kb of free space.
-Previously, each outline had the same starting point and end point. If I store these points only once, in case of 18000+ outlines I gain 36kb.
-win 6KB by rationalizing control bytes.
-Based on the above, more space => more lines => better overal quality
- stars and shadows in 1 ADF -> BadAppleAmiga2MB+MusicHQ.adf


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BadAppleAmiga2MB.adf 880 kB
BadFriends2MB.adf 880 kB
SvgConverter.rar 197 MB
SvgConverter.rar 171 MB
BadAppleHQ.rar 2 MB
BadApple3D_Vectorized.rar 7 MB
BadApple3DColor.rar 8 MB
BadApple_Windows.rar 774 kB
BadAppleAmiga2MB+MusicHQ.adf 880 kB
BadAppleAmiga2MB+Music.adf 880 kB

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