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This is not a game in progress!

Just a mini game for testing visuals and gameplay (amongst other things)! The essence of the test is to obscure the opponents from the players viewpoint with light/shadow. Ok, we all see that in modern platforms, but not  under AMIGA - AMOS Pro.

Req: Amiga with ECS chip, 2mb chipram and a fast Cpu.

Normal version is working with 1 bitmap layer, EHBversion is with 2 layers so it is slower.

"M"  key => ingame map function.

It is possible to insert (iff sample) music in the test game, but for legal reasons it is only part of the presentation video.

Track: 🎵AMONG US Theme Song (Moondai EDM Remix)🎧 (Youtube Tracks - No Copyright)
Music provided by Youtube Tracks - No Copyright
 See: https://youtu.be/DoJbu1Nyye0

-Type "MOUSE" on main menu ...Mouse + headlamp option,
-Type "RESET" ...default mode.

-enemy visibility is handled much better (but slow) in EHB version

-A bit different design of gfx and map to look more like a cartoon.
-some gfx modification (smooth lines?)
-Experiment to play music from FastRam if available (extra loading at start but less laggy while playing... but still buggy)
-repaired some bugs (...and made some new ones for sure)

2022.10.25. (EDITOR)
-The Editor versionis for testing (faster player, faster enemies, killcounter)
-Use TILED to edit, and use the included Amiga program to convert the map edited in TILED back into the game. If You want more maps, use the name "Map 1" ... "Map 2"... then You can select it by typing in the corresponding levelcode (stored in Levelcodes.txt). Have fun. I would be interested in maps made by others.

(2022.11.06.) -fix
-The error at the end of the music while playing from FastRAM is gone
-Faster player/enemies

(2022.11.14.) -fix
-The previous MUSIC fix caused a bug in the ADF version.

-Level 2 is a new level. I used a map from an old game that maybe everyone knows :) - Laser Squad (Level code: LASER)
-5 new opponents, in 5 new colors (10 in total)
-Removed the ChipRAM Requirement because the game needs less for what I used before. Now  runs with at least 1Mb chip+512fast
...I know the music doesn't exactly match the cartoon style, but this was the closest thing I could find.

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Map 1 - Skeld.png 201 kB
Map 2 - Laser Squad.png 1 MB
NoneOfUs.adf 880 kB
NoneOfUs.rar 4 MB
NoneOfUs_CD32.iso 4 MB
NoneOfUsEHB.adf 880 kB


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Very nice and unusual action game. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 03:07:28. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

Love this, even if it is just a tech demo as such. Would be amazing as 2 player over serial!

Great level 2!

very good

Hello, bought it two time for me and my son but the latest version doesent work, i have made a winuae config of 68000 cpu chipset ecs and 2 mb chip, treid also with amiga forever but an error 20 occur after loading the splash screen. I hope you help me fix this, before the game had no problems. Nice game well designed.

Ooohhh...you do not have to buy, and two times!?

I use the same files on every media. Must be a missing file... (What I also missed). I an on it but witch version? Adf? Cd? Rar?

the adf i havent still try the cd32 one. Thank you for your replay, but if everyone dont pay the poor developer dont develop anymore.

Killed :)

"The only good bug is a dead bug." - Starship Troopers

very good

Very good!

Is there a CD32 iso for this? 

I tried to make one, but failed. Not booting under WIinUAE. I do not have/had/own a CD32 so I do not know how it works or why. I thought that it worsk like a flopy or HDD, but no luck. I will search for a solution.

There is One :)

Thanks, looks good! Would for sure be interested seeing this go beyond a mini-game. 

(1 edit)

I will change the look (shortly) to look more like the cartoon style of Among Us, with customized tiles. ...And perhaps a Tiled map file so anyone can edit his/her own map.

Impressive. The game feels "modern", thanks to the shadows, different to most amiga games where the 2D is "flat".

One small thing : it seems the bullets do not reach enemies in the shadows, when they seem to be in the line of fire.

The EHB version is somewhat slower on my A500/Pistorm. Well, it makes it (a bit) less difficult for me :).

I always run out of ammo because it is difficult to aim at enemies while moving and hiding from their bullets. I'm curious if it could be possible to aim with the second stick, like todays shooters ?

Faster than raycast but still basic code, so it is simple but slow compared to the possibilities.

The two joy is possible.

Collision detection in shadows... I used bob collision but in this case I will figure it out. :)

very good

Crazy project, i love it, i really wish the designer will found some free time to finish it :)

Polygon light on AMOS!? Wow! Blitter + EHB? ;-) 

(2 edits)

Normal version is not EHB because I wanted to leave some colors brighter. It is true that the speed decreases, but since the EHB layer is still available, I could use it to draw an area where the opponent is already in the shadows, but still visible.

I have made a new ADF version and added another EHB layer with a slightly different light angle ;)

Great great! Please finish Project Horizon too, I am waiting impatiently.

Two of us work on these projects. I have more time for my own parts and ideas. Since I am not responsible for Project Horizon, I will only say that it is not forgotten. Bringing it to a ready state depends solely on the designer's free time, which, unfortunately, he does not set for himself, and this problem bothers him as well. Belive me, He also wants to finally finish it.

Yes, but this game borrows some graphics from Horizon, so there definitely is a connection :

2D polygon lights on an Amiga - impressive! Looks like a great concept.

Aw yeah!


Thank You! :)