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Project - Quest : Chapter I is an 8-way scrolling  top down fantasy shooter game for Commodore  AMIGA.

Current version-date is:  2021.12.22.

System  requirements: - HDD - ECS or AGA  - 2.0Mb chipRam (at least 1.5 free)

NOTE: - The game use Project Horizon engine (under developement at the moment)! The download contains the first chapter as first level. If the game is acceptable and enjoyable quality, it will be continued. If you find a bug in the game don't hasitate to write in the comment section! :) The Map-Editor will be aviable with Project Horizon. With that you can create new maps for the game. - The game uses standard  ABK (gfx or sound bank) used in AMOS. Combined with AMOS You can create or add new gfx to the game. Basically create a whole new shooter game! - The engine itself does not require 2 Mb chip ram (nor HDD), so if you create a new game (depending on the amount of gfx and sfx you use) it can run even on an OCS machine from a floppy as well. -The final version will include all the source code, the tools and editor for free.

The game partly contains redraws of some "free to use" gfx, so if anyone has any objections to that, please post this in the comment.


-First release


-level code: HOME
-some fixes
-smaller laggs in movement (I hope it is visible)
-minor changes for the future in engine (Traps, grass trampling, ...)
-added a few map elements to make it more colorfull (+2 enemy, tiles, lighting, player, ...)
-Skeletons can reanimate
-esater eggs ;)


-level code: KING
-huge map
-6 new enemies, the map is full of them, so it won't be easy to complete
-2 new weapons (dragonball, dragonbreath)
-1 NPC
-new elements (traps, mystery box-es, ...)
-small fixes(2021.12.22.): new background music and .ADF version is without music!
-Test executable, please use level code "VAMPIRE" (2021.12.24.)
-show map function "M" key (2021.12.29.)


-already in progress :)


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What a lovely game. Havent had much milage yet, but it really looks and feels impressive. Really has a premium feel so great work and very much looking forward to what is still in store...tnx for creating and sharing

Is this game still in development? I  like that game    and it would be really sad  if the development has stopped.

Will be released level by level.

Level 3 is  almost done.


Pity it needs 1.5-2mb of ChipRAM, my A500 rev6 has only 1mb, eh...

I'm sorry, but AMOS can cross the 1MB limit very quickly.
Even in this state, we had to make sacrifices.
...but it wouldn't be the same if we force/cut into it.

This looks pretty awesome, I want to play this!

Great game!

Great game, enjoying it ... reminds me a bit of Chaos Engine :)

Is it possible that the first key right of the cementary is not there ? I cannot open the door ....

Otherwise keep up the good work ...

You have to save 12 man. Last man will give you the key.

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Hey guys, can I  run this game in a Mac FS-UAE emulator? I'm having a hard time doing it... Thanks!

You can set the settings higher than the minimum (or recommended) config and there should be run very smooth. It has been tested on emulators like windows (winUAE), raspberry (fs-uae) and on some android emulators. I have an older Mac Mini somewhere , so i could see if anything wrong with it, but i assume it probably should do the trick! It's an emulator! :D


If you have a cli window (that is where you can do the typing) You already set up the emulator correctly (probably). In Amiga if you put an .adf (disk) into the floppy drive (df0) it will boot from that floppy. I still don't know how your setup looks like. I can only assume that you booting from a disk (or hdd) that has no system nor anything that it can be start-up.

1. Did You try to launch the game from a floppy disk? In that case put the menu.adf in df0: and reset.

2. If you have a HDD allready setup for the emulator, then you can either copy the directory into any folder you want and try to start from there or...

3. You can add the uncompressed quest (the one from the zip-file) folder to the emulator as the directory of your hdd and then reset the amiga.

Checked! Worked without any problems!

Please describe your config! Did you get any error message on emulator or workbench side?

When I  run the game I    get that AmigaDOS screen. Am I supposed to type something to run the game (because I  can   type   on  this screen).   I  tried   typing "run" and then a   [CLI 2]   came  up.

If you extract the ZIP into a directory and add this directory as HDD device, You can boot from it and it starts automatic.

Another thing if you try to run it from Workbench you should copy the content of libs directory into the device  your Workbench boot from.

You can start typing "Quest" but if it does not start then you are not in the right folder or device.

Promising game, I finished the demo, keep up good work!

i have no intro sound, when i startet from Floppy. when I start the game under the Workbench, I hear, for example. the thunderstorm sound

Sadly, all (22khz 8bit mono IFF sample) music streamed from the media where you started     the  game. DF0 is not fast enough (and  free space) to stream iff samples directly from disk, so did not put it on disk, and if the program did not find the menu music file then it is disabled, You can replace with any sample if You want.

I put a menu disk with a part  of the music file in the zip. You can see/hear how slow DF0.

If anyone can help me how to do loading and processing at the same time (in AMOS), it will be flluid and I will be so happy  ...till then You will hear only thunderstorm from ADF.

looks promising. good job!

how many chapters will the game have in total?

This is not predetermined, it will depend on how much free time we will have to continu.

...  but when the level editor becomes available, anyone can make independent additions.

Although I am among those who would like PH finished earlier, I enjoyed it with this one. I completed the first mission, after walking on the ring of fire the inscription INSERT DISK2 appeared


A couple of tips if you accept them:

1) The crossbow is too big and long, it should be visually shortened

2) The sfx are very low, they should be turned up in volume.

3) There are pop-up problems (trees and more appearing out of nowhere).

I have personally tested the game on A1200 + Vampire1200, everything works transparently!

But now I want to continue !!!!

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1) crossbow ... maybe. I wanted to set the player to 32x32, interchangeable, which means that the size and center and shooting points are fixed, so if I changed the player it would be more useful if it stayed that way, if not then your version ... logical but then we'll see.
2) I noticed, the music is too loud. Since we are not musicians and the music is streamed and free, it is difficult to find passing music. It was decided shortly before the upload which of the options fit better but I only focused on the beat, not the volume.
3) Pop-ups are caused by the fact that the difference between the full image (352x288) and the visible frame (320x256) is 32 pixels, and the object only appears when its center is placed on the map, so when the blitter object is roughly higher than this 32 pixels, the object is  displayed suddenly. My problem with this is that the way I could solve it at the moment would couse slowdown  and laggs as I would have to deal with a larger image area.

...most things wouldn’t be a problem if we had already done something similar and/or knew how to handle as a whole before we implement something new in an already existing system.

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can i play this game on amiga 500 ?

The (Project Horizon) engine itself can be run on any amiga (even on an unexpanded one). That means that if you will make a new  game with it you have to use maximum that amount of gfx/sfx/etc..

The game QUEST needs ECS and at least 1.5Mb Chip ram! That means if you have an Amiga 500 (probably 500+) with an ECS chip with 1.5Mb chip ram then yes you can play with it! If you have an OCS (standard A500) that means that you are strucked at maximum 1Mb Chip ram! That is the maximum amount  of chip ram an  OCS machine can handle.

Simply the game uses a lot of gfx, that is why it eats 1,5MB of chip-ram.

thanks 👍

It coming up for me Insert Disk 2 , so far I played , video up soon on my youtube channel. Per-Ola  Eriksson

For now, only one level. Insert Disk 2 is means  "...to be continued." as described. ;)

Thank You for the video :) ...btw, You can lock direction with fire button and move sideways ;)

Very cool game guys! I was instantly hooked! But after 30-40minutes it started to glitch. Then the screen started to blink and went totally black. When I pushed pause button the screen came back but then started to blink and went black again.  Hope you find the bug and REALLY hope you finish the game.

Blinking is not a bug but a visual misunderstanding. When you get into a dark room, you hear a spooky sound , and the flicker is caused by light sources on the screen (torch, campfire). It comes out differently depending on the environment. In Project Horizon, the muzzle fire and explosions flashes, it is more noticeable there. Even works in the case of rain + darkness, but there is no weather in the moon and crossbows has no muzzlefire, so without these combination... it can be just an understandable disturbing flicker.

For now, only one level, as described. The reason for this is that you don’t have to wait any longer for a larger game, it also provides some enjoyment on its own and as there is a lot of time and energy making it, it turns out whether it makes sense to continue / supplement or not.