Project Horizon - v2021.02.23


A lot of time has passed from the last update!

Updates on the Project Horizon (engine):

Visible in the demo stages:
- Items on the map area not animating in syncron.
- Destroyed ittems (alien containers) can pop up enemies randomly.
- Enemies can fly near an explosion.
- Burning corpses (from flamethrower).
-Electricity, flame,... damage visible on the Player.
- Enemy parties react to each other and return fire.
- Grenade (2.nd fire button)
- new smooth-camera-follow system.

Not visible in the demo:
- New slipply surfaces (like blood). It's a slippery shooting thing you can do...  :)
- One or two-way door types. They can be opened or destroyed...
- New types of map objects like generator (couses darkness if it's  destroyed), switches.
- In the darkness the muzzle-fire can light up the area.
-And there are a lot of bug-fixes (and possibly new ones). :)

An other great news is that the engine is ported to Unity3D as well, so all the map made with the amiga version (Map Editor) will be playable through many platform and the gameplay is close to the Amiga version as possible.
The Amiga version in the left side and the Unity version on the right.

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Is this project dead

very addictive game like good games should do, well done ! 

I love it so much!