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Essential, interesting:

-simple game, small size, simple code.
-doesn't use 55+ bobs so it's fast.
-free AMOS source code
-by default, 1-6 SKINs are uploaded, but the graphics can be replaced regardless of the program code, and thus the game can have a completely different appearance. It is recommended that these can be inserted in positions 7-9.
-Background can be a maximum of 8 colors in a 240x240 image size.
-Opponents' images can be up to 8 colors in 624x800 image size
-The condition is that the background and foreground (opponents) have the same color depth
-The two animation phases of opponents must be located in the areas (224,224 to 400,304) and (224,624 to 400,704).
-will play "NMusic.mod" file if available (N is the number of skin)

-Fixed: Sprites appeaded incorrectly
-New: Sound bank Support.(Try Level 7)

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TagsAmiga, amos, invaders, skinvaders, Space


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Thank you for your answer and I wish you many interesting and completed projects. :-)


Thank You!


Unfortunately we useing a screen copy technique is used to make the game as fast as possible. This prevent the possibility to display it in a workbench window. (Windowed or fullscreen, Without this technique so many enemies on individual sprites would make the game very laggy)


It's a sad but you have to make a compromiss! :S You only have 4 audio channels in an amiga. That is why in most cases (games) you can choose between music or sfx. A .mod music allready use all the 4 channels. Running them simultaniuos would couse breaks/glitches in music every time a shoot or boom sfx is played or (in reverse case) the sfx would be stopped when a new  instrument has been played in te music.


This is a nice version of the game. I'm quite pleasantly surprised.

And I have my comments.

1. Is it possible to create a version for the Workbench tabletop.

2. After uploading my own music module from 'ProTracer' the explosion sounds don't work.

very good

Great Work. How come the castle contains all the graveyard ghouls, but the graveyard only contains bats? I would swap those over.

This stuff (as all of your things here) too has its source code downloadable.

This particular game is designed even easier to mod. That's why we called it SKIN-VADERS. :) The background and the enemies are all a simple iff(ILBM) picture. If you rename the   enemies file to the the filename corresponding to an other stage ,than the enemies will appear in that stage.

Or you can draw a hole new background or enemies with Deluxe-Paint (or with any program you choose to draw). You doesn't even have to touch the source code. :)

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Hi. Yeah I get that, just strange to see that combo. Is this game finished now? Let me know, and I'll put it on the LemonAmiga database.

very good

Nice game!